• January 14, 2021 7:06 am
  • Ghana

i started working on this project in 2013.

Im exploring & interrogating the issue of global wealth disparities and other social constructs creating stratas and divisions in society as against an individual’s capabilities of achieving contentment.

i seek to explore the reality of uneven, perhaps unjust distribution of wealth either monetary or social status as against the possibility of ever realising global contentment.

So i settled on the undermined & exploited majority in this capitalist country as my subject, this means i am free to use any material such individuals posses or use as a representation of them. Hence the shoe needle, images of them etc.


The colorful abstract expressionism serves as an almost rebellious spirit against the norm. That is we must not just take for granted this mechanistic system we see operating.

Yet the balance in the distribution of colour bears the notion of parity, not equality in wealth or materials but inner peace & contentment for all, including you & me.

It also serves as a very attractive aesthetic support.

my work seeks to attract & intrigue the viewer into a deep soul searching quest to find the answer to the question: Are you content in life?

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